done and dusted

over the last year i have taken countless number of photos with my lovey, diana f+ and haven’t really had the chance to upload my pics up online, now that i have shitloads of free time, i decided to upload all of em, enjoy!



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huashing solo

huashing solo (noun) : chinese version of han solo from starwars. different from han solo who is a womanizer, huashing solo has a fetish for hairy wookies and is married to one

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am i up in your space?

first day of the holiday, YEEEK

similar to last year i get psyched that the holiday’s here. all the hype will die out soon as i get bored really easily

started out the festive season by not sleeping for 43 hours straight and going to home bar to see the BLOODY BEETROOTS!CYEAH!it was crowded as hell and full of gay shufflers and stinky lebos but totally worth it

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