don’t wake me up i plan on sleeping (for a whole year)

after a deep slumber for a whole year, i finally decided to post again 😀

it’s been a long and busy year as i’m graduating next year *whoopwhoop!* and uni has been sucking the life out of me, i hope i’ll start posting regularly now that i have nothing to do for 3 whole months

gather ’round cause here’s the christmas playlist that i’ve compiled, listen it with your family, friends, loved ones, blah whatever…enjoy 😀

1. honeybear – bottom over top

2. horriblepresent – everything’s already done

3. belle & sebastian – i didn’t see it coming

4. jj – let them

5. THE BIRd DAY – gonna beg you

6. the morning benders – lovefool (cover)

7. heavy hawaii – sleeping bag

8. computer magic – about you

have a merry christmas everyone!!!


December 24, 2010. music.

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