done and dusted

over the last year i have taken countless number of photos with my lovey, diana f+ and haven’t really had the chance to upload my pics up online, now that i have shitloads of free time, i decided to upload all of em, enjoy!



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don’t wake me up i plan on sleeping (for a whole year)

after a deep slumber for a whole year, i finally decided to post again 😀

it’s been a long and busy year as i’m graduating next year *whoopwhoop!* and uni has been sucking the life out of me, i hope i’ll start posting regularly now that i have nothing to do for 3 whole months

gather ’round cause here’s the christmas playlist that i’ve compiled, listen it with your family, friends, loved ones, blah whatever…enjoy 😀

1. honeybear – bottom over top

2. horriblepresent – everything’s already done

3. belle & sebastian – i didn’t see it coming

4. jj – let them

5. THE BIRd DAY – gonna beg you

6. the morning benders – lovefool (cover)

7. heavy hawaii – sleeping bag

8. computer magic – about you

have a merry christmas everyone!!!

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diana f+: first roll

i finished the first roll of film on my diana pretty quickly. it took 2 days for me to finish the whole 27 frames. this roll was just used to experiment on different stuff and see how it’ll come up in the prints. some of the pics are really vignetted and lo-fi looking so check it out! 🙂

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loving the track love always remains by MGMT. their album, time to pretend is full of catchy lyrics and tunes by multi instrumentalists Andrew VanWyngarden (vocals, guitar, keyboards, drums) and Ben Goldwasser (vocals, keyboards, synths, drums).

another good track by MGMT is time to pretend, which was used as the soundtrack for the movie “21”, if you love this track listen to Chiddy Bang’s remix of time to pretend. its orsum!

another track worth listening to is destrokk and pieces of what.

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huashing solo

huashing solo (noun) : chinese version of han solo from starwars. different from han solo who is a womanizer, huashing solo has a fetish for hairy wookies and is married to one

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flairs – truckers delight

this video clip is awesome,  AWESOME i tell you. make sure you watch till the very end though!

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bloody beetroots

juiced by sir bob cornelius rifo himself, the BLOODY BEETROOTS DJ MIX.

bob’s giving you the finger, 2 TIMES!CYEAH

full track listing

*The Bloody Beetroots “ Warp 1.9” (G-Tronic vs. Sir Bob Edit)
* Proxy “Who are you?” (Bloody Beetroots Rmx)
* His Majesty Andre Feat. The Bloody Beetroots (Original Mix)
* The Bloody Beetroots Feat. The Cool Kids “Awesome” (Oz Edit)
* The Bloody Beetroots “Warp 9.5” (Autoerotique Mash-In/Out-Hihat-Re Edit)
* Ryskee Feat. Leslie Ming “Leave me Amor” (Bloody Beetroots Shoegaze Rmx)

Bloody Beetroots DJ Mix (right click and save as)

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am i up in your space?

first day of the holiday, YEEEK

similar to last year i get psyched that the holiday’s here. all the hype will die out soon as i get bored really easily

started out the festive season by not sleeping for 43 hours straight and going to home bar to see the BLOODY BEETROOTS!CYEAH!it was crowded as hell and full of gay shufflers and stinky lebos but totally worth it

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